Navigating Change in Postbac Enrollment: Turning Today’s Challenges into Transformative Outcomes

Will the pandemic create new interest in medical disciplines that will carry post-baccalaureate programs through these uncertain times, or will pipeline worries at the undergraduate level hurt enrollment in the years ahead?One thing is certain: In both the short- and long-term future, the ability to inform decisions with reliable and accurate data has never been more important for institutions that help students enhance their academic credentials in order to continue pursuing a career in health care or medicine. Read more…

MAY 2020

Making Data-driven Decisions In A Time Of Crisis: The Postbaccalaureate Perspective

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of higher education already struggled with several major crises this century, including the 2001 terrorist attacks, the 2003 SARS outbreak and the Great Recession of 2008. Unfortunately, history suggests the current crisis will not be the last one to influence the fortunes and plans of colleges, universities and their students.

On the bright side, ongoing economic turmoil could inspire greater interest in postbaccalaureate programs among those eager to boost their academic credentials in order to continue their education. Is your program doing everything in its power — including making data-driven decisions — to attract and enroll the them?  Read more…

APRIL 2020

PostbacCAS is a “Lifesaver”: How Two Programs Are Doing More With Less

Even before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, DeEttra Mulay, director of the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program at Scripps College in Claremont, California knew all too well how difficult it can be to oversee recruiting and application processes in a busy admissions office. Fortunately, she also has a first-hand appreciation of the benefits provided by PostBacCAS™, Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for postbaccalaureate programs. “We’re staffed by a pretty small team,” she says in Liaison’s new free, on-demand webinar, “Postbac Today and Tomorrow: How Two Programs are Doing More with Less.”  Read more…


Liaison’s PostbacCAS™ Reports 145% Surge in Participating Programs, 35% Increase in Applications in Year Two

Centralized Application Service increases program visibility to applicant pipeline while optimizing the admissions process for students and admissions staff

Liaison International, the leader in admissions management and enrollment marketing solutions for higher education, today offered insights into the significant second-year success of PostbacCAS™, the Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for postbaccalaureate programs.

PostbacCAS, which serves as a single portal for prospective students to apply to multiple career changer and grade enhancement programs, streamlines application review for participating institutions with robust technology and complementary services. In just its second year, PostbacCAS is already delivering results for both participating institutions and applicants. Read more…

Like Postbaccalaureate Education Itself, PostbacCAS™ is the Missing Link 

At its heart, postbaccalaureate education is all about finding the key ingredients for change. Students who already possess an undergraduate degree yet fall short of the requisite coursework to pursue a graduate degree in their preferred field turn to postbac programs as the missing link.

On the admissions side, today’s colleges and universities are also searching for a crucial missing ingredient — the time and resources to alleviate persistent pressures. Institutional budgets are down, including for traditional marketing expenditures. State funding is also on the decline, resulting in rising tuition fees as well as low-income families’ struggles to meet those costs. Read more…

JULY 2019

Less Paper, More Data, Better Work: How Postbac Programs Rise to the Admissions Marketing Challenge 

Applicants to post-baccalaureate programs are looking for an opportunity to enhance their academic credentials in order to continue pursuing a career in health care or medicine.

To attract the best of those students — and to help transform departmental operations at their institutions — today’s postbac admissions professionals need to improve their own outlook as well. How? By embracing pioneering new marketing strategies that lead to better results through less work. Read more…

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